Karen Penley


Height: 5’4”  Weight:135

Hair: Brown  Eyes: Blue


The 7th Possibility Supporting: Homeless Mystic  
Mary Jane Remembers Supporting: Insane Asylum Patient
My Violet is Blue   Lead: Frustrated Masturbator
What If             Lead: Alcoholic Writer          


Luna                 Solo: Jung’s Patient
Feral Girl Solo: Runaway Homeless
Not the More Lovely Lead: Cabaret Chanteuse/Host
Circus Proboscis Lead: Cabaret/Circus Chanteuse/Host
Seascape             Co-star: Lizard      
Effect/Gamma Ray   Lead: Ruth            
Bad and Lovely       Co-Lead      
Snoopy!               Woodstock  
Whatever             Solo            


Improv                John Gilkey/Idiot Wrkshop LA

Adv. Acting (5 yrs)   John O’keefe San Francisco

Film Acting 2         Celia Shuman San Francisco

Commercial Film       Heather Schell San Francisco

Adv. Acting           Anthony Fusco/Berkeley Rep

Italian Clown         Giovanni Fusetti San Fran

Physical Theater      Fools Fury  San Francisco

Improv (5 years)      Clover Catskill

Acting                Lennie Dean/Studio Be

Movement Improv     Nina Wise

Solo performance     David Ford

M.A. Theater/Special Studies  Sonoma State Univ


Original comic songs, writer, singer, some accordion

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