Karen Penley


Height: 5’4”  Weight:135

Hair: Brown  Eyes: Blue


The 7th Possibility   Supporting   Naomi Bensen

My Violet is Blue      Lead            Bridget Kane

What If                     Lead           Hank Folsom


Luna                        Luna            John O’keefe

Seascape                Lizard           Cinnabar Theater

Circus Proboscis     Lead clown   San Francisco

Effect/Gamma Ray  Ruth             Sonoma Theater

Bad and Lovely       Co-Lead       Blue Dakini Prod

Snoopy!                  Woodstock   M&M Productions

Not the More Lovely Chanteuse   Noh Theater

Whatever                  Solo             David Ford


Improv                      John Gilkey/Idiot Wrkshop LA

Adv. Acting (5 yrs)     John O’keefe San Francisco

Film Acting 2             Celia Shuman San Francisco

Commercial Film       Heather Schell San Francisco

Adv. Acting               Anthony Fusco/Berkeley Rep

Italian Clown             Giovanni Fusetti San Fran

Physical Theater        Fools Fury  San Francisco

Improv (5 years)        Clover Catskill

Acting                       Lennie Dean/Studio Be

Movement Improv     Nina Wise

Solo performance      David Ford

M.A. Theater/Special Studies  Sonoma State Univ


Original comic songs, writer, singer, some accordion


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